This is the Member in Solving the Last Murder



How Does It Work?

Surf in Traffic Exchanges Participating.

Find the Mystery Game Page and Solve the Murder.

The system will select 6 random suspects, 6 random weapons, and 6 random locations.
First, you will have to pick one of the suspects to see if they are the killer. Next you will have to pick one of the 6 weapons. The 3rd and final page you will have to pick is one of the locations to see if the murder took place on that site.

If you guess any of the pages wrong, a cash prize will be placed into a progressive jackpot.

If you guess all 3 pages correct, then you will be entered into the drawing for the jackpot PLUS you will receive a small bonus right then. The jackpot is distrubuted amongst 10 random picked winners each Sunday.

It's Very Easy and Funny!




These are some of the 16 suspects, 16 weapons and 16 locations that you can find surfing for Traffic Exchanges with Mystery Game Mod installed.

There are two levels of memberships: Free and Pro.

The two levels receive awards, but logically Pro members receive more prizes and commissions.

Owners who want to install the Mystery Game plugin on one of their sites can do it completely free.

Note: when you go to register you must use the same email address that you're using to Traffic Exchanges. That is, your email address must be the same in Traffic Exchanges and Otherwise, when you are going to play Mystery Game the system will throw the error: "User does not exist".

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